About PlantGENE

The NSF-funded Plant Genetic Engineering Network (PlantGENE) is an exciting new community-driven initiative to address the global demand for plant transformation and gene editing through development of networks to promote research, training, and knowledge sharing. 

It is led by an internationally recognized group of plant genetic engineering experts who represent academia, industry, and non-profit plant research institutes.

Meet the Steering Committee

Joyce Van Eck

Boyce Thompson Institute

Veena Veena

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Heidi Kaeppler

University of Wisconsin

Nigel Taylor

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Meet the Advisory Committee

PlantGENE Project Coordinator

Aimee A. Malzahn

Boyce Thompson Institute

As PlantGENE’s project coordinator, Aimee draws on her scientific background and professional experiences to advance our mission of overcoming barriers to research and collaboration.

Any questions, suggestions, volunteering interests or other queries can be directed to Aimee at [email protected].


Aimee A. Malzahn, PhD earned her degree in Plant Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research developed accessible CRISPR toolkits for plant genome engineering, ultimately to advance breeding and research. These CRISPR toolkits have been distributed to labs worldwide. As an NSF research trainee in UMD’s Global STEWARDS, Aimee worked with interdisciplinary teams to address food-energy-water nexus issues. Outside of the lab, Aimee co-founded a departmental graduate student association and volunteered as a science social media and outreach coordinator.