Masterclass Series: Crop Transformation for Genome Editing

April 27th – June 22nd, 2021

Co-organisers: Christian Rogers, Kan Wang, Dave Somers, Nigel Taylor, Wendy Harwood Video Links for Previous Masterclasses in Crop Engineering:

Masterclass 1

Genome Editing: Innovations and Improvements

Tuesday April 27th, 2021

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Applying CRISPR/Cas in plants: From gene editing to chromosome engineering

University of Minnesota

Overcoming bottlenecks in editing plant genomes

Corteva Agriscience

Genome editing and plant breeding

Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research

Improvement of temperate cereals by Cas endonuclease-mediated mutagenesis

VIB Ghent

How do you CRISPR? Streamlining genome editing projects in plants

King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Genome editing technologies for engineering crops of the future: Synthetic Directed Evolution

Masterclass 2

Tuesday May 11th, 2021

Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University

Development of Tissue Culture and Transformation Methods: The Short Version


Boosting transformation with GRF genes in dicots and monocots

Corteva Agriscience

Wus2/Bbm methods for immature embryo transformation/editing in cereal crops


Simultaneous Gene Editing and Haploid Induction in Broad Germplasms

Donald Danforth Plant Science Centre

Targeted methylation to affect gene expression

Masterclass 3

Tuesday May 25th, 2021

Corteva Agriscience

Leaf transformation as a new platform for genome editing in maize and other cereals

Iowa State University

Towards genetic transformation of recalcitrant maize inbred lines: how to convert an art to science

Masterclass 4

Tuesday June 8th, 2021

Donald Danforth Plant Science Centre

Overview of capacity and challenges in cassava morphogenic and genetic transformation

ETH Zurich

Genome editing and speed breeding for cassava improvement

FAU Erlangen

Setting up cassava transformation at Erlangen

National Agricultural Research Organization, Uganda

Cassava transformation pipeline adapted for the Ugandan conditions

National Root Crop Research Institute

Exploring the transformation potency of farmer preferred cassava cultivars

Wageningen University and Research

Cassava Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated root transformation

Masterclass 5

Tuesday June 15th, 2021

John Innes Centre

Introduction and overview of challenges and strategies in small-grain transformation

John Innes Centre

Wheat – Efficient transformation and genome editing

National Institute of Agricultural Botany

An overview of the NIAB cereal transformation platform

University of Minnesota

Eragrostis tef Transformation using Developmental Regulators Baby boom and Wuschel


Simultaneous Gene Editing and Haploid Induction in Broad Germplasms

University of Nebraska

Introducing novel bits of genetic variation into soybean

Masterclass 6

Tuesday June 22nd, 2021


Interview: The pathway to delivery of a transgenic cowpea product to African farmers.

Wisconsin Crop Improvement Centre

Genotype-flexible, meristem-based transformation of soybean targeting optimized embryonic axis explants

Corteva Agriscience

Advanced cowpea transformation and genome editing system using embryonic axis explants

University of Georgia

Cowpea transformation transportability across labs

University of Georgia

Soybean transformation via somatic embryogenesis


Genetic engineering applied to leguminous species