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PlantGENE is a community of over 700 individuals from industry, government, academia, and non-profit workplaces, connected by an interest in advancing plant bioengineering. The discussion forum is a place to connect and discuss topics related to PlantGENE and the field of plant bioengineering. 

This discussion forum is hosted by Lyris through Cornell University and managed by volunteers. 

On this page:

Guidelines for Conduct

(Based on the EPA’s Rules of Conduct for NPSINFO)

PlantGENE discussion forums are designed to connect members and facilitate conversations, collaboration, and sharing. Messages are sent instantaneously, and therefore, PlantGENE leadership is not responsible for the content. Please use your best judgement when posting and remember that your message may be sent to hundreds of scientists around the world. Likewise, please utilize your best judgement when clicking on links or following suggestions.

Misuse of any discussion forum can result in a warning, a ban from all forums, or a revocation of PlantGENE membership.

  1. Review your messages before posting them. Keep them professional and polite. Remember: “THINK” before “SEND.”
  2. Include meaningful subject headers. Digest-mode subscribers need to be especially vigilant since the original subject lines in digest mode are buried within a compiled message that uses a generic header.
  3. Identify yourself and your affiliation. Consider providing additional contact information, as well. Do not post anonymously.
  4. While the expression of opposing views is a hallmark of useful discussion, never use the list to send negative messages. Messages should conform to professional standards and ethics. Personal attacks, sweeping generalizations, and unsubstantiated accusations or claims are some of the things that have no place in this forum.
  5. Messages should be succinct. If the primary information resides on the Web, the message should be limited to a brief introduction or overview with a link to the Web page. Do not post content that infringes copyrights or violates sharing agreements for restricted content.
  6. Each posted message should be limited to a single topic.
  7. As a courtesy to your fellow subscribers, don’t echo back long message strings. Make the effort to delete extraneous portions of ongoing topic threads.
  8. Never send a message when you are angry or upset. Don’t react to a flame or provocative message sent to the list by sending one of your own back to the list. If you feel that a message posted to this forum is inappropriate, you may let the list administrators know by sending a message to [email protected].
  9. If your message has inadvertently offended other subscribers, post a brief apology for the unintended impact of that message along with any clarifying remarks.
  10. Be patient with inexperienced list users and novices to topics discussed on NPSINFO.
  11. Give senders the benefit of the doubt.
  12. Reply directly to the sender rather than the list, unless you perceive your reply to be of general interest. Don’t send “Amen” messages, or other single-sentence messages that don’t contribute anything useful, to the list.

Misuse of PlantGENE discussion forums

General commercial advertising for products or services is not welcome. Posting job and internship openings as well as opportunities for partnerships, grants, or scholarships is appropriate. Please also fill out the following form to advertise your opportunity:

How to Join

PlantGENE members can choose to join the discussion forum. 

Please subscribe here: 

Email address:
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or send an email to [email protected] and write “join” in the subject line. 

To leave an e-list (also called unsubscribing), send an email message to plantgenememberforum-l[email protected] 

For the Subject of your message, type the single word: leave

Leave the body of the message blank.  

You must send this message from the email address where you receive the e-list’s messages. The message must be sent in plain text.

A short time after sending this message, you may receive a confirmation request. Follow the instructions in the request (which involves replying to the message or clicking on a web link).

Customize your list settings

The following information was taken from Cornell IT. 

Command Syntax

To change the settings for a particular e-list, send an email message to [email protected] 

In the Subject of the message, use this syntax

set option 

where option is the keyword described below. Leave the body of the message blank.

You can include more than one option on one line. For example: 


  • You must send this message from the email address where you receive the e-list’s messages.
  • Your message must be sent in plain text.


If this method fails, you may need to use a slightly more complicated version. See Cornell’s Error When Using the Set Command article for that format.

You can also use a different procedure to change the settings on more than one list simultaneously. See our Customize Your Settings on Multiple Lists article for that format.

Delivery Type

To set how you’ll receive the messages posted by list members, use the SET command with one of these keywords:

  • mail – Receive mail as it is contributed. Each posting will come to you as a separate email message.
  • digest – Receive a single daily digest with all the messages of the day. The digest will contain ALL the text from ALL the postings, not just a summary.
  • mimedigest – Receive a single daily digest with all the messages of the day in MIME format. Each posting will be included as an attachment (so you may receive many many attachments).
  • nomail – Receive no mail from this list. This is useful if you want to temporarily stop receiving messages, but don’t want to unsubscribe. (To start receiving mail again, send another SET command with one of the the other three message type options.)



  • set digest
  • set mail

How to send and reply to messages

Sending a message to the forum is like sending a normal email message. 

Send messages to [email protected]. Type your message in the body and include a descriptive subject. The message will be delivered to forum members exactly as written.  Attachments must be kept under 700 KB. 

Check the Forum Archive below before sending a new message. Your question may have already been answered. 

When replying to a message, you can reply to the sender or “reply all” to send your message to all forum members. 

Forum Archive

The PlantGENE Member Discussion Forum is archived through The Mail Archive

Members can search messages and reply directly to the original sender. Please note that “reply all” is not enabled in the archive. If you would like your message to be sent to the full Discussion Forum, please add [email protected] to your reply. 

Any questions or comments can be directed to volunteer forum managers at [email protected].